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The simple, and always lovely, French Press.

September 20, 2009

Ok – so its no secret to those who know us, The Faraway Foodies, that we like coffee. A lot. And ok so we may be, at french_press7times, a little picky. I wouldn’t call us snobs (although I”m sure some would) because in a pinch we’ll drink what we’re given but given a choice, or the chance, we’ll go to great lengths for great coffee.

Actually, the entire Faraway Foodie beginning has its roots in coffee grinds. We met as co-workers at Starbucks and gradually expanded our knowledge and taste for coffee outward culminating in Seattle itself. That trip is another post (or ten), however.

For those who care (I’m still baffled more people don’t), the cheapest and easiest way to brew your morning cuppa is with a french press. It produces great coffee actually and aside from a really nice espresso machine (with a lot of practice), its the safest bet for the most authentic flavour.

Always start with clean equipment, no matter what you are using. I’ve heard people say that the build-up of residues contribute to a deeper flavour etc, but in my mind it just clouds and masks what you’re working towards – a clean, fresh cup of coffee.


After you put on your kettle, measure out and grind your beans each time you make coffee! Its not hard and you have to wait for your kettle anyway. Coffee is at its freshest and best about a day after roasting. In its whole bean state it will preserve that freshness much long than when ground. Grinding increases the surface area exposed to oxygen in the air, the enemy of good coffee. As soon as it begins oxidizing that fresh flavour starts disappearing.

When your kettle has almost boiled (not fully – water should be around 200 degrees F for coffee and boils at 212 degrees F) simply pour the water over the grinds in the french press. If your coffee is fresh you should get a nice bloom, similar in appearance to the head on a beer.

Wait 4 – 5 minutes, press, and enjoy.



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