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November 22, 2009

Believe it or not, there is such thing as the total absence of light- complete darkness if you will.

O’Noir is a restaurant in Toronto that is offering a different view to the simple task of dinning out.  You eat in complete darkness.  When I read about it on their website (, I couldn’t believe it was possible to put food on your fork then into your mouth so I brought Geoff there as a surprise for his birthday.  The experience was cool and very new to the both of us, our eyes ached, trying to focus on anything there was to look at…only that was the thing.  There was only darkness.

The owner/founder of O’noir developed a very cool concept.  The waitstaff is blind so when you’re engulfed in darkness, you’re thrown into their shoes.  It’s a hard thing to do but it also made me very appreciative of gifts I’ve always overlooked, such as sight.

You order and pay in a common area with couches and a fancy bar, then are lead into a room of darkness.  I couldn’t tell you how big it was, how many people were in there or what the colour the walls were but the atmosphere was cool…and very loud.  Something new to most people and therefore a reason to get excited.  Geoff and I both started with a Grilled octopus salad with olive oil and lime dressing which was good! Octopus could have been less chewy but we don’t live beside an ocean so it’s completely understandable.  The salad was ridiculously hard to eat and I think I spilt lettuce all over the table, but I coulln’t really tell…because I couldn’t see.  Geoff had a super moist chicken breast with tomatoes and grilled veggies that tasted scrumptious (yes, we got the whole fork exchange going on) while I ordered veal al limone served with sauteed veggies and potatoes which was also quite tasty.  Mine was cut into strips (thankfully) but Geoff had to cut his up in the dark but everything was tasty! We finished with a nice cup of coffee and Viennese style chocolate cake that was just that-chocolate cake and ice cream.  An unbeatable combination in my mind.

If you’re downtown at Church and Charles Street E, check it out! Reservations are recommended as the place is smaller.

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