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Saturday Morning.

December 12, 2009

I love breakfast. It is definitely my favourite meal. If I do eat out I usually find a breakfast much more satisfying than a dinner out, and its a heck of a lot cheaper. There is something special about a wicked cup of coffee, maybe some french toast or a croissant or an omlette, maybe homemade Sarah granola with fruit and yogurt. Today I chose a big ole bacon and egg sandwich on homemade oatmeal buns (post to come). Hard to beat a lazy Saturday morning with this for breakfast.

Bacon and Egg Sandwich on Oatmeal Bun

1 egg (or two if you’re especially hungry)
3 strips of good thick smokey bacon
hot sauce of your choice (I used tobasco chipotle)
mustard (sounds crazy I know but used properly its really good)

1. Get your frying pan on medium to med. high heat and start your bacon
2. When the bacon is almost done, toss the bun in the oven on broil or in the toaster, crisp that outside a little
3. When the bacon is desired doneness, put aside, turn down the heat a little and crack in the egg(s)
4. On the egg I threw some pepper (no salt, the bacon and resulting fat is pretty salty), hot sauce and a little thyme
5. When the egg is almost done (I like easy over) grab your buns (hands off mine, please) and I like mayo on both sides, sparingly, with a little tiny bit of mustard and yes (ashamed) ketchup. Some days I’ll leave it at just a little mayo though, and that’s pretty rockin’ too. All depends. This morning I went with the red stuff. Oh, and if I’d had some I would have put on some lettuce, just for a nice green crunch in there.
6. Anyway, throw it all together and Good Mornin’.

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  1. December 16, 2009 11:15 am

    That Bacon is calling out my name. Everything with bacon is good. Especially when its crispy. Delicious

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