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chocolate dipped strawberries

March 20, 2010

Check out these beauties.

Have you ever heard the saying that simple is better? Yes.  I think I agree.

Let’s look at the simple things in life that are kinda nice:

1) Watching the sun rise.  So simple but always makes my day, and a day that starts at 6 am is a long day.
2) Seeing someone enjoy something you’ve put hard work into.  The first thing that comes to my mind is Geoff’s garden last year.  It was amazing and maybe if we’re nice enough, he’ll share his secrets with us. Another example may be a meal that you’ve made for your family, a batch of chocolate brownies you made for a friend, or made a piece of artwork you made and love.
3) Learning something new. It’s awesome.  I love learning new things. Like playing hockey, learning how to cook or exploring the deep blue sea.  The world is full of wonders!
4) Appreciating someone you love.  Self explanatory. Family, friends, they’re absolutely fantastic.
5) These chocolate covered strawberries.  So simple…. so delicious.

And that brings me to these little guys.

Want a great dessert idea? These are super easy to get together and you can prepare them hours before you even start cooking.  All you need is strawberries and some chocolate chips or a few blocks of chocolate.  Unfortunately I didn’t have too much of either so my chocolate mix consisted of maybe 70g of 60% ghirardelli chocolate chips and a couple squares of Bakers semi-sweet baking chocolate. I think there was a bit of 100% chocolate in there too (a gift my dad didn’t want).

-A bunch or strawberries, preferably in season (mine were not), washed and whole
-A handful of chocolate chips or a few ounces of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate

1) Prepare a ‘drying rack’ for your strawberries by grabbing a cookie sheet and covering it in parchment paper.
2) Prepare a double boiler or a pot with a nice fitting metal bowl.  The water should not be touching the bottom of the pot/bowl that sits on top of it.
3) Once the water is boiling, add your mix of chocolate into the top of your double boiler and stir it until it is totally melted.
4) Grab a fork or two and spear your strawberry.  Dip it into the chocolate bowl until almost all of it is covered.  Place on the prepared tray, then repeat!
5) If you’d like something extra fancy, roll your freshly dipped strawberry in coconut, crushed hazelnuts, rice krispies or whatever your in the mood for!
6) Once all of your strawberries have received a new layer, throw the tray in the fridge or somewhere cool.  That’s it! Simple? I think so.

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