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We’re still alive!

August 30, 2010

Hello world!
Sorry for being so MIA, this summer has totally swept Geoff and I off our feet!!

Let me update you.
Start of the summer I vacationed to Italy on a beautiful tuscan hillside, that was great except for the fact that I couldn’t find any balsamic vinegar in Modena.  Huge bummer.

Then I got home and putted around the house a bit, baked lots and applied to every sort of job you could think of.

Got a job at Starbucks which kept me sane (you can only talk you your dog for so long…)
Then, out of the blue. BAM Sarah’s got 3 jobs.  Which is what has kept me from talking to you for so long.  Geoff really helped me out by putting in a good word for me at Nalco- a chemical engineering company close by.  They hired me on full time for the rest of summer.  I also got a chance to be a bussing girl at Quatrefoil.  I can’t thank Georgina enough for taking me on and being so hospitable! Great experience, I knew chefs work hard but holy moly it was quite something else to see.

Today is my first Monday off since the beginning of July and its so nice.  I did errands this morning, went grocery shopping and bought a tart pan (necessity) in order to make Geoff’s boss’ wife (try to figure that one out) a nice lime and blackberry tart for her birthday.  Everything is currently cooling in the fridge but I’ll let you know how it turns out.  The recipe is in Bon Appetit-June 2010 (I think, maybe July) and looked really easy so I figure it’s a good place to start. It also looked delicious.

Now I’m getting ready to head back to school which is a bit sad because the faraway foodies will be just that- quite far away.  But school’s important and I have a fantastic small little car that can get me home whenever I need.  My butternut squash will also need a lot of my attention because I plan on living on soup until next spring!

OH! I almost forgot to mention! I grew cucumbers this year and it was a huge success.   However I planted them in with the butternut squash (sans trellis) and now the two of them have taken over the yard. It’s a bit entertaining.

Share your summer stories!  I hope everyones been barbecue-ing and enjoying the beautiful sinshine

Ta-ta for now.


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  1. September 2, 2010 4:50 pm

    I think being in Italy is a great excuse not to be blogging…but no balsamic vinegar in Modena? What’s up with that?

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