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Hot Toddy

March 31, 2011


Clove studded lemon


For the past few days I’ve been fighting a cold. Waging war, and although the line keep moving back and forth, there has yet to be a clear victor.
K mentioned his arsenal always includes a hot toddy, in addition to the usual soup, liquids and sleep. I hadn’t tried one before so I concocted my first the other night. Instant success. Why hadn’t I tried this before? Its smooth, comforting, delicious, hot, delicious and I’m sure healthy.
And so this is night three with the added weapon in my defenses and whether or not it helps, I don’t care. It’s delicious.



Hot Toddy.

There are many recipes out there. Try a few, this is the one I have come up with.

1 tsp English Breakfast tea (the leaves)
1 T honey
a splash of Scotch (1-2 ounces)
1\8 lemon
4 cloves

1.  Boil water, and steep the tea and cloves for 2 minutes. Remove tea, add juice of lemon and the wedge, stir in honey and scotch and drink up.

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