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Once more:

As spring begins to push winter out I'm thinking more and more of fresh food. Unfortunately, a lot is still unavailable. While it's still cold, make stew one last time. Here is a great recipe.
Rosemary Stout Stew

Capalanksy’s, Toronto

January 28, 2011

Unfortunately we forgot our poor baby, The Faraway Foodies. This is a draft that has been sitting here since May! We will post something more current shortly. Until then, check this place out.

As has been noted here many times, Sarah and I were traveling through Portland last summer. We stayed with the most wonderful couple Dan and Chris who were friends of Sarah’s uncle. Dan was busy working and as a student of engineering so Chris showed us around for the most part. She knew what it was like to be on the road for long periods of time (traveled around the world for a year non-stop, for starters) and was therefore a very hospitable guide.
Thankfully we were able to take Dan out for lunch one day as a thank you for letting us crash at his place, and actually get to know him a little. He suggested a deli, Kenny and Zukes.
Kenny & Zukes was very quickly my favorite sandwich spot. Long story short they do everything in house from their bagels and rye to the melt in your mouth pastrami. Out of bounds good.
Coincidently, shortly after getting home I read an article in Gourmet about delis and they hailed a new direction of delis, or rather doing it the good old way again. Well, with a modern spin on everything but a back to basics approach and they used Kenny & Zukes of Portland as an example. They also mentioned a Zane Capalansky who was doing smoked meat right with limited resources … in Toronto! This article was putting Capalansky in the same category as Kenny & Zukes who had obviously left a lasting impression on me. I was so excited! Why it took me this long to actually get there is beyond me but for the first time in a long time I had two days off and so I used the second day to field trip to Toronto for a smoked meat on rye. I wasn’t disappointed.
The meat is a gorgeous deep red that simultaneously bursts with flavour and just melts in your mouth. Something of this quality is hard to come by and the dedication it takes to prepare the meat properly every week is inspiring. Since my first visit I’ve been back again for the smoked meat sandwich and I’m sure I’ll be back again soon. The only thing I can complain about is the service, but it sounds like I’m not the only one. Don’t be surprised if it isn’t great but the food makes up for it.

Read the article I found so long ago here:


We’re still alive!

August 30, 2010

Hello world!
Sorry for being so MIA, this summer has totally swept Geoff and I off our feet!!

Let me update you.
Start of the summer I vacationed to Italy on a beautiful tuscan hillside, that was great except for the fact that I couldn’t find any balsamic vinegar in Modena.  Huge bummer.

Then I got home and putted around the house a bit, baked lots and applied to every sort of job you could think of.

Got a job at Starbucks which kept me sane (you can only talk you your dog for so long…)
Then, out of the blue. BAM Sarah’s got 3 jobs.  Which is what has kept me from talking to you for so long.  Geoff really helped me out by putting in a good word for me at Nalco- a chemical engineering company close by.  They hired me on full time for the rest of summer.  I also got a chance to be a bussing girl at Quatrefoil.  I can’t thank Georgina enough for taking me on and being so hospitable! Great experience, I knew chefs work hard but holy moly it was quite something else to see.

Today is my first Monday off since the beginning of July and its so nice.  I did errands this morning, went grocery shopping and bought a tart pan (necessity) in order to make Geoff’s boss’ wife (try to figure that one out) a nice lime and blackberry tart for her birthday.  Everything is currently cooling in the fridge but I’ll let you know how it turns out.  The recipe is in Bon Appetit-June 2010 (I think, maybe July) and looked really easy so I figure it’s a good place to start. It also looked delicious.

Now I’m getting ready to head back to school which is a bit sad because the faraway foodies will be just that- quite far away.  But school’s important and I have a fantastic small little car that can get me home whenever I need.  My butternut squash will also need a lot of my attention because I plan on living on soup until next spring!

OH! I almost forgot to mention! I grew cucumbers this year and it was a huge success.   However I planted them in with the butternut squash (sans trellis) and now the two of them have taken over the yard. It’s a bit entertaining.

Share your summer stories!  I hope everyones been barbecue-ing and enjoying the beautiful sinshine

Ta-ta for now.


Grapfruit Granita

June 19, 2010

Last week, I decided to open up a cookbook I got for Christmas a few years ago and try a whole pre-laid out menu.  Williams Sonoma Simple Classics Cookbook.  It’s a great book and has a lot of quick, easy main courses along with side dishes.  The ‘meal’ I tried to create went relatively well! I usually have no idea what to pair with what so it was nice to have a menu (with recipes) already set up!  It consisted of asparagus with capers and pine nuts, sauteed chicken with Parmesan cheese, roasted red pepper with oregano and finally, this delicious grapefruit granita for dessert.  Geoff always helps me time dishes etc. because more often then not, I  forget that it takes more than half an hour to cook potatoes or something silly like that.  If he wasn’t around to help with each dish, who knows if it would have turned out!  Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of the meal but I saved some of the best part (dessert) for a photo shoot later on. Read more…

Life is Beautiful!

May 27, 2010

Did anyone ever see that movie, La Vita e Bella?  If not, I won’t give it away but it was set in Italy around the time of the second world war when the German’s invaded.  Very, very sad film.  If you ever watch it, which I highly recommend, bring some Kleenex.  Maybe a box just to be safe.

My reason for bringing that up is the title ‘Life is beautiful’.  I’m currently sitting in an internet cafe in northern Italy repeating those 3 little words in my head over and over.

It’s so beautiful here and I’m currently staying in a little villa near Bolzano that has a whole garden of herbs! Including rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, marjoram, lavender, sage… the list goes on and on!

And real lemon trees!

Unfortunately I cannot report on exceptional food but we’ve had some good meals.  Good coffee too but in my opinion, Detour is quite tastier.

I just wanted to update you and apologize for keeping you in the dark!  Next week I’m off to Modena which is where balsamic vinegar originated! Sweet.


ps. I miss cooking!

The big 5…2?

May 11, 2010

Last week it was my dad’s 52nd birthday.  Obviously this special occasion called for chicken fajitas and the glossiest, most decadent cake..ever.

Now, let me give you some backround on my cake-making experiences.  I used to work in the bakery at a local food store, wrote on cakes all the time and loved it.  Then my mom and I decided to do a cake-decorating class that was held at mccal’s baking school.  There, we learned how to decorate an entire cake, including those delicious hard flowers you loved to eat as a kid (or at least I know I did).  So I’ve attempted to use all of this cake knowledge to make something spectacular and out of this world, but the truth is I never grease the pan enough, or let it sit enough, or don’t tap it ‘the right way’ and my cake always falls apart when I flip it out of the pan.

It sucks.

So this time, I was extra careful and used probably half a stick of butter to grease my 2 round 10″ cake pans.  IT WORKED! Well, almost.  The bottom layer came out in 3 pieces but was easily patched together with chocolate icing (whew).  The top layer was successful! Maybe it was because I used a silicon pan? Quite possibly. Regardless, the top layer came out clean.

Read more…

Quick lunch post

May 7, 2010

Just had to write a quick blurb on Picones Food Market of Dundas. Celebrating 95 years this past April the Picones are purveyors of quality imports and the best local offerings from the area. Their kitchen is also making some incredible treats, the canolli and pizzas being my favs. The pizza changes every time and I’ve yet to have one that was less than amazing. It’s definitely a lunch staple for me.

Lemon Loaf

May 7, 2010

Lemon loaf is pretty good if you’re in one of those I want cake now but banana bread is too sweet type moods.  Or any other time you want a nice citrus dessert that is sweet and tart and moist all at the same time. The one that I chose to make a few days ago was stellar. Very good indeed and it was from one of the oldest cookbooks in my kitchen which just thrills me.

There’s something about looking in the index of a recipe book and finding exactly what you’re looking for.  Makes my heart dance a little when I see the heading I need.  It also makes me very sad when I don’t see the thing I want to make but I guess that’s a little bit of a different story.  The book I pulled this from is called the Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook. Check it out, Ain’t that thing sweet? Read more…